Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Films I watched last week (19 October to 25 October 2014)

Vesna na Zarechnoy ulitse (1956) - 7.5/10 (an entertaining film and a pleasant surprise)

Just for You (1964) - 5/10 (a series of pop music videos that does not amount to a film. That said, It'd be nice if they released some pop music TV shows from this period).

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Strange dream I had during the night

During the night I had a strange dream in which I was trying to watch "Married with Children", whose characters kept winning absurd prizes. Later, I was in the 1930s at the beach, trying to watch a BBC TV show. Then it was the early 1940s, and I was at an island, acting in a play, when the island got invaded (it is not mentioned who invaded the island). Then it was the late-1940s and I was back at the beach, again trying to watch BBC TV. Then it was the present day and I was trying to watch a DVD with a 1955 ITV show on it.

Elsewhere in the dream, some people were training to be the captain of a navy battleship, I was trying to prove my intelligence by running a race while half-asleep, I read a book, and there was a game at the shopping centre in which I used water pressure to force fish (which looked like balloons) onto spikes.

Monday, August 4, 2014

I keep having very strange dreams....

I had a strange dream recently. Half-breed demon InuYasha had fallen in love with a full-breed lady demon, much to the annoyance of human Kagome. He and his new lover played together as if they were kids. Suddenly, InuYasha was in modern day Japan (which looked disturbingly like suburban America) and before long he was in Australia. Suddenly, InuYasha turned into me, I tried to get home, but Freddie Mercury died and I was unable to get past his body. Suddenly, InuYasha's lover was also dead, and I cried orange goo. Suddenly I was InuYasha again, looking around Melbourne Australia and being disturbed by all the ugly new buildings being built.

It was an interesting dream to say the least. But those ugly new buildings in Australia and Japan.....those buildings are indeed ugly. Today's architecture sucks. Mind you, architecture has been bad since the mid-1940s.

On an unrelated note, do any kinescopes remain of 1950s TV series "Australia's Amateur Hour"? I know for a fact that the show was not live, rather it was kinescoped in advance. Do any of these kinescopes still exist? (note: a "kinescope" is a 16mm film recording of the TV monitor. If you ever see clips of early "In Melbourne Tonight" or clips of Elvis Presley performing on 1950s US television, those recordings are kinescopes).

I recently uploaded to the Internet Archive (and YouTube) a video collecting 1950s US shampoo commercials. Lots of different brands: Prell, Drene, White Rain, Shasta, Finesse, Richard-Hudnut, Halo, and Pamper. Here is a link to the video.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Memory is an amazing thing

When my grandmother (my mother's mother) came to Australia as a kid during 1935 or so, there was a pianist on the ship named Keith Desmond. She would walk past the room he was performing in, looking at him via a mirror that was part of the boat or something like that (and he smiled at her, realizing she was looking at him via the mirror).

It's odd that she can remember this nearly 80 years later, but then again memory is a very strange thing, isn't it? I looked up his name, wondering if was notable enough to be mentioned on 21st century internet. The answer is yes: His name appears in several old radio listings that have been digitised, and according to Wikipedia there were several short films with him made in the early 1930s.

Cool. Memory is an incredible thing.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Films I watched last week (6 July to 12 July 2014)

Teaserama (1955) - 7/10 (oddly enough I enjoyed watching this trash. The comedy acts aren't funny, but the ladies are delightful. I viewed this via a copy downloaded from the Internet Archive)

I also watched a short film called "Gift of Green", downloaded from the Prelinger section of the Internet Archive.